An Amazing Week in the Great White North

by Preconceived Noceans

This is the 100th blog post! While that doesn’t sound like a big milestone, it is cause I can’t really read and write good. Lots of help from some great friends to make most of the posts possible.

I spent a week back up in Rochester and it was incredible. I got amazing footage from Niagara falls to downtown Rochester, to surfing and talking with the Walls family, and scoring a session at the reef. I didn’t really shoot many stills cause I was concentrating on scoring as much footage as possible, so I just ripped a bunch of shots off the video to show some of my favorite moments. So stoked to have gotten to spend time and see the crew again. We didn’t have the best waves, but some beautiful weather (which = lots of snow) and some cool excursions to get some necessary b roll footage. Its getting harder and harder to get up there with work and a slim budget but hopefully can make 1 more trip up before winter ends.

The week was finished off by a paddle out for the Webster Firefighters, those photos will be up tomorrow.

Stay tuned!