Sandy Aftermath, Take 1

by Preconceived Noceans

Today I got my first chance to get as close to Ground Zero here in Jersey. Sandy has destroyed everything. In Long Beach Island the bay was touching the ocean. In Brigatine I saw a picture of a shark swimming where someones front yard should be.In Seaside Heights, parts of the famous amusement park now lay in the Atlantic Ocean. Most of the spots that are the worst, ie the barrier islands, are still inaccessible. Today I went down to Asbury and was not able to get on or past Ocean Avenue. From the street I could see the mangeled boardwalk, but did not get close enough to see how bad things up there really were. I ventured up a little bit to Deal to find tons of uprooted trees, a few damaged homes, and just crazy impacts on the beach. Deal is built up on a rock barrier, at least 10- 15 ft higher then the ocean and the surge and waves managed to get above it and destroy properties.

It was heavy to see it around Asbury and it is no where close to the areas that had it worst. I am hoping they open up some of the bridges to the barrier islands next week so I can get down and film the areas that got hit hardest.

Watching us strong New Jersey natives bounce back from this will be incredible…watching how local residents and the surf cultures in these battered areas rebuild and restart lives will be incredible to document.

Will post more as soon as I get the chance to get back down. I hope everyones families and friends are safe.