All Waves, No Fun

by Preconceived Noceans

Scratch that and reverse it. Last weekend I made a very long pilgrimage up to Lake Erie for what was lining up to be a great Battle of the Great Lakes Contest in some pretty good waves. Long story short, the temperature was pretty warm and the waves never got as big as we were predicting. However, the contest was a huge success. Again, a huge thank you to George Holmes and the NOTL Surf Club for bringing together a bunch of awesome surfers to just have a great day surfing little ankle bitters in a soupy lake Erie. It was the biggest turnout yet which shows the community keeps rapidly growing more and more.

I didnt get to stay to see the final heats but everyone seemed to have a great time and the fact that it was a beautiful day to stand on the beach and hang out with friends from Toronto, Erie, Rochester, and beyond made it a perfect day. Wish I had a little more waves to score awesome footy, but sometimes showing these guys having a blast and making fools of themselves in 1 footers is more important to the film and concept. But still, hoping that next time it is going off!