Spotlight: The Cove Cleanup/ Surf Competition Toronto

by Preconceived Noceans

Larry, Antonio, Elias and the rest of the awesome Toronto crew are putting together a beach clean up and surf/ SUP contest. These guys are so passionate about not just surfing but keeping the environment clean and giving back to the community. Lots of stuff gets watched up on the shores of Lake Ontario, especially outside the big cities (Rochester, Toronto) and doing these little beach cleanups impact the ecosystem tremendously. Also, (a fun fact), Lake Ontario is the smallest and last lake that all the water (from the other 4 lakes) makes its way into. So interm is also the most polluted lake. I remember doing the first one in Rochester and watching the guys pull out everything from dipers to tires from the jetty. That stuff off the beach makes for a cleaner environment and better surfing conditions! So if your in or around Toronto on October 6th definitely swing by the beach and help out the guys!

Checkout their site for more info: