Preconceived Reel coming soon!!!!!!!!!!

by Preconceived Noceans

I am so happy to report that I am currently working on a new reel for the project, featuring a look at all the different stories and events I have been filming. At this point it is still uncertain what the final film (or films) will look like, but going through the 3 + Terabytes of footage, I have an overwhelming feeling of love, compassion, and dedication. There is a lot of really great footage from the Great Lakes, Surfer’s Healing, Best Day Foundation, Amp Surf, and SEA Paddle. I still hope to do a lot more filming with all of the different stories and hopefully by next summer have a really good concept and start editing the final film! Now I kind of have an idea of what footage I still need to acquire, and hopefully can swing a few trips to the lakes this fall/ winter to get that closer to being finished, and then next summer hit the circuit of all the camps hard and hopefully finish that section! So stoked!

So the above images are what I have been staring at on my computer for a few days and its getting close to launching. Still have some tweaks and then a run through color and it will be live! So stay posted and stay stoked!!!