Surfer’s Healing Belmar

by Preconceived Noceans

Two weeks ago I was filming Surfer’s Healing on a very timid Lake Ontario on the outskirts of Toronto. Today was flopped a full 180 degrees as Hurricane Leslie pumped some solid 4-6 ft waves in Belmar. But, even with dicy conditions and powerful groundswell, the amazing crew at Surfer’s Healing pulled off an incredible camp while keeping all the kids safe and most importantly, healing them with the powerful tool of the ocean and surfing. The support team on the beach was perfect, everyone worked hard to get the kids comfortable and ready to enter a scary inside lineup and were quick to rescue and help out after wipeouts. While the waves were crazy and a little scary, the water and day itself was beautiful, sunny and warm which was very different from the rainy and ominous day we had last year in Jersey. The turnout on the beach was huge, hundreds of volunteers, families, and all around good people gathering together to offer a special day to a bunch of incredible children. And those children were extremely brave to go out in those conditions and experience their first session in hurricane swell.

Can’t say enough good things about the crew at Surfer’s Healing….they are just so compassionate and generous to give their time to help out others. Again, a huge thank you to Izzy Paskowitz for always being warm and welcoming, and so fun to be around. And of course, to the wonderful Jeff Ekberg who helps get me set up and takes care of anything I need. He is, to put it simply, THE MAN. All the guys at Surfer’s Healing are…there is such an incredible energy in the water with those guys and I hope to keep experiencing it many more times.