Surfer’s Healing Toronto

by Preconceived Noceans

I found myself keep saying, “this is Canada”.

1,000 + miles and over 17 hours of driving. A lot of $$$ spend on travel and gear. Being slightly frightened by Canadian Walmart and bumper to bumper traffic. And at the end of it all, I would get in my car and do it again right now. Surfer’s Healing made their first appearance on the Great Lakes, participating in Aloha Toronto, an incredible festival on Woodbine beach in Toronto Ontario this past weekend. It was such a huge turnout. The guys from Surfer’s Healing took a detour from their East Coast trip before heading home and came to help children in Toronto. I am still amazed every time I get to hang out with Izzy Paskowitz. He is such a beautiful person and puts together a team of huge hearted surfers who work extremely hard to help out children who really need it. The lake was as flat as could be, and the surfer’s found away to push these kids into six inch waves. They pushed them fast on the boards out to the lineup to get smiles and laughs. And the smiles say it all. I have spoken to families who are so amazed. Parents tell me they cannot keep their children focused or sitting down and they are so mellowed by the water. Other parents say their children cannot speak but they can tell by the smiles after a surf session that their children are changed, and slightly healed. What these surfers do for families is nothing short of a miracle. So honored to work with these guys every chance I can get.

A huge and million thank yous to Jeff Ekberg who helped me organize this adventure and was so helpful in getting me interviews, the shots I needed, and release forms signed. He is the man behind the scenes that makes it all happen. A million more thank yous to the rest of the team who allowed me to do interviews, helped me with getting awesome footage, and kick backed to a community so far away from home. And more to Izzy for continuing this amazing program to help others as he did his own son. And thank you to all the families who allowed us to film their children on this special weekend. Last but not least to Corinne Weber, my amazing partner in crime, who was a trooper through lugging gear, long days, and a lot of driving. Couldn’t do it without any of these people. Oh, and of course the amazing community from Toronto who is so into the film and project and is non-stop supportive. I had people coming up to me I have never met and were raving about the new trailer and project, and it means so much to get incredible responses from everyone.

So stoked to have had back to back weekends with Best Day Foundation and Surfer’s Healing. I have filmed so much incredible footage I can’t wait to edit!

Looking forward to Surfer’s Healing when it comes to Belmar NJ in a few weeks!