Best Day Foundation Sunday August 19th

by Preconceived Noceans

Words and images cannot really explain what I witnessed today at the surf camp hosted by the incredible Best Day Foundation. It was probably the most beautiful thing I have even had the privilege to photograph and film. Absolute strangers coming together and volunteering to help children and young adults with special needs. The volunteers were absolutely the most passionate and incredible people and worked very hard to make today an extremely special day for very special children. They were perfect, keeping the kids out of harms way, getting them little rides in the little shore break, and were just so warm, teaming with positive energies. It was almost as if the air itself was replaced by this incredible and happy energy. I have never left an event or shoot feeling like I did today, reborn, cleansed, pretty much with a new outlook on life. Its these special moments that really impact your life in the most drastic and wonderful ways. We take so much for granted and fear the world is going to end over such little silly things. It is those who battle on through disabilities that are the ones who truly live. Those who aren’t afraid to push forward and overcome. And especially the families that care for these children day in and day out with little to no help. Human beings are incredible and today I got to be around some of the best.

I cannot say thank you enough to Max Montgomery. Max is probably one of the most incredible people in the entire world, and it is an honor to have worked with him on the SEA paddle and the Best Day camp. He has the biggest heart and is so passionate about helping others. After the camp I had a chance to do a quick interview with him to discuss what he does and it just brought me to tears. I literally drove an hour and a half home with tears in my eyes. Max and the rest of the Best Day Foundation are responsible for changing and helping so many lives. He is a candle in an otherwise dark world, where people don’t take the time to reach out a hand to someone in need.

If more people in this world were like Max, I don’t think we would have wars. There wouldn’t be segregation, there wouldn’t be hate. Strangers would stop to help others instead of turning away to avoid a situation.The world would be people bringing together others to help out those who need it more than anything. I really hope to work a lot more with Max and include the magic the Best Day Foundation brings in the final film.

A huge thank you again to all the volunteers who make this day by far the best. You are all saints. I feel all deeply in “what goes around comes around” and I know good things will come to all who help in this cause.

More photos to come after some sleep.

So moved, and looking forward to some more magic next weekend at Surfer’s Healing in Toronto.