2012 SEA Paddle

by Preconceived Noceans

I am doing a little recovering after another successful SEA PADDLE NYC. It was a long day of filming but I think the footage will turn out awesome. The conditions were pretty great for the paddlers (up until the usually Hell’s Gate and East River. But for the most part it was pretty smooth. Another fantastic turnout with around 200 padders! Izzy Paskowitz was in from a little break from Surfer’s Healing and his father Doc was at the beginning of the paddle telling stories and giving a blessing. It was such an honor to see him in person. Izzy is such and incredible guy and it was awesome to talk with him a little bit before Toronto next weekend!!!! Its always great to see everyone else…guys that I have been around the past three years always stoked for another paddle. I love doing this and am counting down until next years paddle!

It was a wonderful day. Feeling under the weather now after probably swallowing too much Hudson/ East River water…but getting some rest so I can go film the Best Day Foundation tomorrow with the amazing Mr. Max Montgomery.

Stay tuned…much more to come!