Woodprints are finished!

by Preconceived Noceans


After a long few weeks working on the woodprints they are finally finished! Just finished writing the description and process on each print and finished up the last coats of polyurethane. Also cut up a little making of video which is featured above.

In total there are 17 prints. 3 of them are going to the kickstarter backers (Giack Selloni, Catherine Slutzky, and Brett Zizzo) who purchased them in their reward packages. Darrel Licata is also receiving one because he is the man and he is also on most of the prints.

The rest are for sale and all proceeds go to help cover traveling expenses for next year so I can get up to the lakes a few times and continue to get footage. For anyone interested, please email coleslutzky@gmail.com. I will send you a shot of the print you will get to make sure you see it first. Hoping to get $150 per print.

Many thanks for the support after 2 seasons and stay posted for some offseason news and hopefully a recut of the trailer soon!