The Future of Great Lake Surfing

by Preconceived Noceans

This weekend I got to spend a session filming with James and his son Evan. The family is amazing. They are so stoked and excited to be surfing, and seeing Evan out in the dead of winter catching the surf bug with his dad is incredible to witness. Great Lake surfing has been around for sometime, but with all the press and popularity it has recently picked up, the future generations will be the ones that really sculpt and transform it. And Evan is one of the kids that will be bringing it to the next level. He is learning very quickly and even after a harsh wipeout in low to mid 30 degree water, he is back up and paddling back to the lineup. The last time we shot he even had some icicles building up on his suit. That to me shows how into the sport he is and really brings me back to my first days of surfing. I really hope to be able to continue to film his progress as he grows and develops, getting the first time he throws his fins out to charging barrels at the reef.