Toronto…round 2

by Preconceived Noceans

The first time we went up to Toronto to surf, the police stopped us and wouldn’t let us go in the water. I remember looking at “perfect” (on the ocean or lake) 6-8 ft lefts that peeled for damn near 100 meters and barrels that spit harder then big days in Jersey. I knew I had to get back and this year met some new guys from up which provided me with a golden ticket.

On wednesday I headed up to Toronto to do some filming with Larry, Elias, and Antonio. The first spot we surfed was the Cove, and it was offering some pretty big sets and really walled up nice on the inside. There were a lot of guys in the water and it was cool to see how big Toronto’s surf scene was. After a quick lunch we tried another nearby spot which offered some really punchy/ crazy on shore beach break but with the current to strong to stay on point, we wrapped up and headed back to the cove.

It was an awesome day. Every time I am in Canada I meet a whole bunch of new awesome people and have a blast. I would love to spend a year up in Toronto to continue filming these guys and find some new spots.