Process: Woodprints

by Preconceived Noceans

Its been a while since the last post….

I have been spending most of the past week beginning to make my woodprints. When I was fundraising through my kickstarter campaign, I had a reward which was a print on wood. With generous donations from everyone, and especially Giack Selloni, Catherine Slutzky, and Brett Zizzo I reached my goal and had to create these  wood-prints. With lots of planning and playing around with some different ideas, I finally began creating these pieces. After I finish the coats of polyurethane  and some final sanding, I will be taking them into the darkroom and using a photographic emulsion to be able to print negatives onto them. If all goes well, I will have about 17 prints and hope to sell a few to help fund some excursions to film next winter.

As soon as I get some time I will put up the video of the process and try and get some more photos up as well.