Back to Canada

by Preconceived Noceans

Lesson learned… when getting sick, swimming out to photograph in mid to low 30 degree Lake Erie is not the best remedy. After being in bed all day yesterday, I am feeling a little better and getting ready to brave the cold and snowy conditions outside to try and get some more footage later today/ tomorrow.

This Thursday provided us with some solid W/SW swell up on Lake Erie. Wednesday night I got an email from Larry saying he and Elias were heading down to the Fort Erie area to surf all day. So, my girlfriend and I loaded up the truck and headed up after class to meet up with the guys. The water by Pleasant beach was pretty shallow and the sun was helping with a little bit of warmth, so I decided to swim out with my camera. Finally I was out in the water with Elias and Larry, the nicest and most stoked dudes ever. Got a little footage and a few shots and then had to call it quits because I was already sick and didn’t need to add to it (which I did). After a bit, decided to go check Crystal with George and Mike, which made me feel a little better knowing my girl was in the car and much warmer then she would be on the open beach.

All in all, it was a fun day and it is always such a blast hanging with the NOTL guys and dudes from Toronto. Hope to get back up there at least one more time this season.