Battle of the Great Lakes 2

by Preconceived Noceans

The second Battle of the Great Lakes was held yesterday up at Crystal Beach on Lake Erie. What an amazing day! I left Rochester around 630 am and headed through a little blizzard up to Canada. Arriving to Crystal Beach I met up with a bunch of the surfers and we waited to get the call for the contest. Crystal Beach really offered us the best access and cleanest conditions, so it was held there. It was so awesome to see the guys come together and really just have fun and surf. The Toronto dudes (Larry, Antonio, and Elias) came down for the contest. They are the nicest, most stoked dudes I have ever met. They were rooting each other on in their heats, slapping high fives all day, and just so amped to be surfing together. Watching them together is really the most beautiful thing. I am hoping to get up to Toronto soon to get as much footage of those guys as possible.

But the day turned out to be great, from blizzarding to blue skies, it did a little of everything up there. The waves were pretty good, and even picked up for the final heat after it seemed they were dying out. Got a ton of footage…gotta go through and try to rip stills to show some of the actual surfing…only got a few stills. A huge thank you and pat on the back to George Holmes for putting on the contest, getting some great prizes, and bringing together a great group of surfers to have fun and surf. Congrads to Elias for winning the shortboard division and Trevor for taking first in the longboard.

Hope to get some more stills up soon.