The Reef today

by Preconceived Noceans

Had some lil ones this morning at the reef. Wind seemed to be pretty south all night and morning and the lake never really seemed like it reached is predicted height, but alas….that is the same story every time. Sometimes it gets extremely frustrating, but you gotta just take the plunge, score a few, and have some fun with buddies. It was awesome to see everyone out today, especially Luke and Amelia who I haven’t seen in a while. Everyone caught a few little fun ones and had some pretty awesome wipeouts. Good times watching them play back frame by frame. It gives me a little joy to re-watch them when I know that only 1/3 of the footage I roll is close to being usable, and hopefully a quarter of that makes it into the film. (AKA I need a better camera…something along the lines of 16mm film). But I digress….long day in the cold and a few hours of combing through extremely shaky footage has got me feeling a little loco.

But yea, good times today and glad we made the am treck out to the reef. Its really cool seeing almost no waves by the jetty and driving a few miles up the road where its breaking, ridable, and every once in a while an awesome 2 wave setter stretched the lineup.