Little ones, Rochester

by Preconceived Noceans

Listening to the wind on Tuesday night, I thought the lake was going to be a little too out of control for us early am wed….stoke was in the air. But the wind didn’t really shift direction enough before dying out in the early afternoon. We got to the lake a little before 7 am and met up with Trevor. It was a beautiful morning, but a tad bit chilly….temps probably close to single digits with the wind chill factor. After Trevor got in, a bunch of other guys showed up. It was cool to see most of the guys out. The waves were far from fantastic…and kind of too small/ weak, but the guys were making the most out of it. And….as you can see from the pictures, the cold water/ air limited sessions pretty short as the guys quickly developed ice everywhere that stuck out of the water.

Was a fun day that shoulda been epic, but were getting used to the lake picking our hopes up and smashing them to the ground…..but gotta stay positive and keep an eye on the forcast.

More news and photos up soon!