Winter has returned…..Canada

by Preconceived Noceans

This is what I have been waiting for since about March 27th of last year….the last time we had these conditions. I began heading out to Canada through the storm early in the a.m. and after a pretty long voyage, I arrived on Erie to see some good surf. I couldn’t tell if it was just a strait up blizzard, or the near gale force winds were just bringing snow sideways, but visibility at times was feet. The waves weren’t as clean as it could have possibly been, but all the conditions were there….brutal wind….fierce snow….and a few crazy dudes waiting for their window of opportunity. I met a bunch of new guys, all as equally dedicated and stoked to be out in these crazy conditions. Thats what really defies a Great Lake surfer…(not to be confused with someone who surfs the Great Lakes). Its all about dealing with snow being pelted into your eyes as you fight the sweeping current and try to stay on point with the main peaks. Its about iceskating down the boat launch ramp because walking is too slippery and dangerous. And most importantly, its about having fun while others try to keep in doors. Hopefully this is just the beginning…I would like ten more days like this to acquire the footage I need for the film. Also hoping that Erie stays active enough so that it does not freeze over. Its such a different wave and feel then here in Rochester, and would really like the ability to have the chance to shoot both…(depending on wind and conditions)….

But major props to all the guys I met yesterday…true warriors…..They’re the reason I spend 6 to 7 hours standing in 30 mile an hour winds as snow tried its hardest to break me and my gear….They’re the ones keeping the project and culture alive.

Contest was called off in Rochester today, but keep posted for a new date.