Battle of the Great Lakes surf contest…in Rochester

by Preconceived Noceans

Hopefully this weekend we will be hosting a surf contest here in Rochester NY. There has already been a huge turnout from surfer’s competing, to generous donations from multiple people and companies. More importantly, it will be a great chance to get a whole bunch of people together who love surfing and who cherish our access to surf on the lakes. As of now, we are trying to hold the contest on saturday, and its looking possible. The wind keeps changing and wrapping around every 5 minutes, so who knows what we will have this coming weekend. Chances are it will be somewhere between ankle high and double overhead (ha). We are just praying for some 3 to 4 ft fun surf so everyone can get out and have a good time. If the contest stands, check back on the blog sometime sunday or monday to see some shots. Preconceived Noceans will also be giving away a print to the top 2 surfers in both the longboard and shortboard division, as well as 1 to the surfer who we get the best picture of.

Oh and it looks like Canada will be going off Friday….maybe really well. Hoping winds stay the same and to get a whole day up in the Crystal Beach area. Stay posted and please…if your on God’s (or whoever you believe in) good side, please ask for wind and snow.