Puerto…..day 1

by Preconceived Noceans

After a relatively short, but tiring voyage…I arrived in Rincon PR with my family at about 6 am this morning. It was still dark as we arrived and sipped on some freshly brewed coffee, waiting for the people to let us into our bungalow. As the sun peaked its warm face into the sky, it illuminated a beautiful tropical landscape…nothing like I imagined Rincon to be like. It seemed so quiet, so in the jungle. After a day of driving around we scoped out much of the area, met some really nice people, and saw many beautiful places and things. The waves were really flat but got a little paddle in around Pools beach, which was way more crowded then the perfect day on Lake Ontario. Tons of people trying to catch 1 foot waves over a shallow reef bottom…with little success. They are supposed to pick up a little later this week and I hope!….getting skunked last year in Costa was a bummer and I hope Puerto Rico can live up to its name and prove itself to me and my camera.

Now to sleep after a really long 2 days.