Dawn Patrol….fairhaven NY

by Preconceived Noceans

I drove to the beach Saturday as a full moon began to duck over the horizon and the first light began to poke itself into the sky. What a glorious morning! Reports were saying 5-6 ft over at the reef and that was the first check point. However, the reef was very small and pretty unridable. I met up with Aurelien and we decided to chase the wind west. We checked out Sodus Point which was small, but showing a little more exposure then the reef. Deciding we were not going home without getting waves, we headed to Fair Haven and found some really fun little waves in the park. Trevor met us out there and we scored some fun little waves. A bunch of the other guys arrived as we were leaving, but watched Mark and Ashley score a few waves and have some fun. Awesome day….I love dawn patrol and tracking down waves.