Gallery Surfboards

by Preconceived Noceans

Yesterday I traveled to the home and office of Rick DeJianne who shapes under the name Gallery Surfboards. With a revamped shed in his backyard, Rick not only shapes but redesigns and rethinks the surfboards that he makes for New Jersey surfers in NJ waves. Aside from trying to create new shapes, Rick also paints (beautifully) some of his boards and they really look like they should be hung up in a gallery. His boards totally impressed me and told me in great detail how he came up with his ideas for shapes and how he applies each one to different waves/ conditions. Surfing machine boards being spit out of a factory in California does not really help out us guys here in Jersey. We need boards for our conditions, whether its 1ft and mushy or a few feet overhead, and Rick can shape you a board (or quiver) to cover it. I will get a little video together and hopefully get it up as soon as possible. Hope to get back and film him in the glassing and painting stages at some point in the near future.

You can check out his site at: