Ready for Winter

by Preconceived Noceans

It’s almost that time again! Just about a year ago, I had met Aurlien, Darrel, Willy, Trevor, James, Jonah and a bunch of the other Rochester Surf crew. What started out as an idea for a photo story turned into a film that I spend every waking second thinking about. Last year we had a great season, scoring waves almost every week and started to figure out how the lake works. Now we have it pretty dialed in and a whole bunch of new surfers to the crew. Everything looks good and it seems I will be returning to Rochester this winter to teach a class at RIT, allowing me to be right back in the heart of the project. Now that we know more about the swell and tracking storms, we should get even better footage and open up the project. So pray for blizzards, wind, and of course, a slightly agitated lake.

Above: Major props to Aurelien. He stood there as we threw flour onto him in an attempt at some promo for the project. Working on a few other comps, but this one seems the best right now. Thanks to Theophil Syslo, Corinne Weber, and Amy Stafford for helping with the shoot.