Loch Arbor/ Deal…aquatic style

by Preconceived Noceans

After a great surf session thursday night and friday afternoon, I decided I had a long enough vacation and decided to shoot some water pics. Tons of guys were out in Deal/ Loch Arbor which made shooting and filming great, lots of action happening all over. Perfect little bump from T.S. Marie or whatever is out there. Pretty satisfied with the above images, although didn’t get to shoot much video because I am not comfortable enough to yet.

Shooting in the water is probably the most difficult thing to do (and I spent most of the project so far in the tundra aka Great Lakes region). Trying to tred water and sit in the right spot down the line is quite complicated, especially when you know your gonna take a section on the head. Like I think I have enough salt water in my ear to keep a family of dolphins alive for a year or so. Aside from that, your shooting guys getting super fun, long rides and it makes you question where your surf board is. But the constant treading and moving right down the line from the main peak is hard to do and especially hard to film with the progressive scanning on the Canon dSLRs. My footage is very shaky and all over the place, so I just have to figure out better stabilization in the water.

But the reward is worth it and I am gonna keep at it and I will improve and figure out the mechanics of how the pro guys do it….Got a ton of credit for Don King, Dave Homcy, and the other in-water gods.

All photos taking above are with a Canon 16-35mm lens on a 7D. The housing is the C0-7 from Aqua Tech.