2010 SEA Paddle NYC

by Preconceived Noceans

The video above was a quick compilation of the 2010 S.E.A. paddle around New York City. Last year I followed probably 200 surfers as they made a 26+ mile around NYC. It was really an amazing experience seeing the city from a different angle and witnessing as surfers from all over came to participate in the event. The design of the paddle is to raise money for autism. Each surfer must raise a certain amount through private donations, which goes to autism awareness and various programs to benefit autism.

This year we hope to bring a team down to the big apple and cover the event much more thorough. We plan on running around the city and following the surfers to get some land based footage, as well as having a camera man on a boat following the race from the water.

More news to come of the event and how preconceived noceans is planning to participate, and create a short film based on how surfing can affect autism.