Preconceived Noceans Update!!

by Preconceived Noceans

The new trailer (ish type thing) for Preconceived Noceans is up! I have been sorting through hours and hours of footage from the past winter and digging up some cool clips I had missed on the first edit. Definitely helps show more of the brutality of the conditions. Hope you like it!

Next big news, KICKSTARTER WAS SUCCESSFUL! A huge thank you to everyone who helped support the film by donating and spreading the word. Big thanks to Susan Lakin, my professor and mentor for the project who helped get the word out, edited my writing, and kept me in check! Susan is amazing. Another big thank you to my good friend Brett Zizzo, who made an extremely generous donation to the project.

Everyone is to be thanked. 55 people donated to the project and helped it get the basic funds it needs to get started. Thats amazing. Truly cannot express how happy I am.

We were also just featured on a surfing website ran by Kate Maclennan, a Vancouver based writer. Kate wrote an awesome story with an interview from myself and some great shots from Theo. The url to the page is:

We should also have an interview up on Korduroy tv in the near future! So stay tuned.

Now the pressure is on and we have to make an awesome film! So Theophil and I will not let you down!

We ❤ you

-Cole and Theo