Chapter 2: Asbury Park

by Preconceived Noceans

The second major part of the film revolves around Asbury Park, NJ. The focus will revolve around the restoration of the city and the emerging surf culture. Up until 5 years ago, surfing in the city of Asbury was illegal. With that, it offers a brand new blank canvas for surfers to shape and control the aesthetic and surf culture.

The other focus on Asbury in the film will revolve around the surf camp hosted by Marilyn Schlossbach and her husband Scott Szegeski. The two hold this camp for inner city children in hopes that it will get them off the street and out of the bad elements. Crime and drugs had overtaking the city for years and now there is a push to change and reshape the future generations to restore Asbury back to a beautiful and safe place to live and work. The city is really unique and one of the most beautiful places in Jersey. Watching the city change over the next few years will be very interesting and I hope to incorporate as much as possible into the film.

The above images were taking last summer during on of the surf camps. Donovan Frankenreiter was in town that day to perform at a local venue, and participated in the camp before his show.