Rockaway Beach, NYC

by Preconceived Noceans

This past weekend, I attended a photo workshop in NYC, hosted through Aperture Gallery. We spent all day Saturday shooting the theme “Culture of Now”. Because all I think of is this project and surfing, I decided to make a journey out to Rockaway beach. I had wanted to experience some of the NYC surf culture, and do a little scouting for the film. Driving through Manhattan and out through Brooklyn was a really cool experience. I never considered surfing outside NYC. I stared at the never ending buildings, people, and bridges, and really ruled it out. But I had seen the footage and heard from numerous people who surfed there, about how good the beach could get. The waves were pretty good, maybe two or three foot with a steady onshore wind behind them. I just loved the experience of the cultures that merged so closely to the sea. I will be filming here through the summer and fall during the east coast’s prime season, to show the true potential of the atlantic.