Two amazing days

by Preconceived Noceans

After the mild blizzard we had on Wednesday, the North East swell was still up the following morning. A local Rochester newspaper, the Democrat and Chronicle, were at the beach photographing and then interviewed Aurelien. It looks like it should be in the paper on monday. It was cool to see some more people interested on surfing on the lake. The got a beautiful day, sunshine, light wind, and high spirits all around.

Everyone was just so stoked. Myself included. I got a day of brutal winter weather, followed by a sunny gorgeous day. The two polar opposites hit both nails on the head of the footage I needed to get during the “season”. Hopefully spring will warm up, but continue to stir strong wind storms. Was really excited to see everyone out, especially Erich and Dave. Those guys don’t get out as much, and it was very cool to see them in the water. Good times all around. Special thank you to mother nature for it all!