…and the blizzard came

by Preconceived Noceans

Well, it wasn’t quite a blizzard, but there was a whole lot of that snow and wind stuff. And it was glorious. My first “good” look at our local spot on a good north-east wind. It was great to get some footage in the tundra again, hopefully giving me a little more to work with after the first season. Its a lot of shooting, for very little usable footage. Missing moments, changing lenses in a wind tunnel of sand and precipitation, trying to keep my gear as dry as possible, and ducking sideways snow/ sleet mix that just tickled our faces. But it was a great time, and the guys were getting some fun rides. Stoke was in the air.

Tomorrow morning (or I guess in a few hours), a local newspaper will be on location at our main spot. Aurelien has been speaking with them, and I think they are going to do a story on surfing in Rochester. I hope to speak with them and try to have them mention the project and kickstarter.

Stay posted, will have some stuff up tomorrow night from the am. And more importantly, pray for more north east winds.