Asbury Park, NJ

by Preconceived Noceans

Asbury Park, NJ will be another major character in the film. I was just informed that until about 5 years ago, surfing was illegal on the beaches in the city. The city is coming alive again, and holds so much potential for a one of a kind place, right on the sea. A place just south of New York city, offering the merging of the beach, with a NYC vibe and attractions. There is room for a revival in art, surf, and lifestyle culture, and the city is beginning to see it. Owners of the Langosta Lounge and Lightly Salted surf shop, Marilyn Schlossbach and husband Scott Szegeski are helping set the culture and revamp the broken city. During the summers, the two hold surf camps for inner city children, hoping to improve the future generation and those who live in the area. The two also own Pop’s Garage taco stand and the Trinity and the Pope restaurant, and are opening a new skateboard shop, all located in Asbury, as well as three other restaurants in the nearby area. Their hard work and dedication are helping the revitalization of the city. The new emerging culture is very similar and o so different to the surf culture on the lakes, but both places are in the same stages.

Some places to go in Asbury Park.

Langosta Lounge restaurant. 1000 Ocean Avenue at 2nd Avenue, Asbury Park, N.J. 07712

Lightly Salted Surf Mercado- Right next door to Langosta Lounge

Pop’s Garage Taco Stand. Right next door to Lightly Salted (convenient!)

Trinity and the Pope- Mattison Ave. at the corner of Bond Street in Asbury Park, NJ.

Rebearth Art Supply. 535 Bangs Ave. Asbury Park, NJ