by Preconceived Noceans

Greetings. Its been a while.

With a passing east, northeast storm this past week, we drove up to a beach a little south of Toronto. The waves were unreal. Pushing chest high to overhead and breaking far out on a near perfect sandbar. When we got there there were only 2 surfers in the water, and as we were gearing up to go out, the police came. Some one thought the surfers were people drowning and put an end to our sessions. The police were nice, but denying us our pursuit of happiness.

Although we didn’t get a chance to surf, we saw the potential of a brand new surf spot that offered some excellent waves on the nearby shores of Toronto. More surfers, and more people stoked, living hundreds of miles from the nearest ocean.

And most importantly, the lineup was pretty ice free. There were some stray chunks floating around, but it was much cleaner then the past week or so has been in Rochester.

We will definitely go back, and hopefully get in the water before the police can tell us otherwise.