Seas of ice

by Preconceived Noceans

The past few weeks have presented us with consistent freezing temperatures and lots of snow. Lake Ontario has tons of ice extending way off the beaches, making surfing “almost” impossible. It becomes very risky to surf in these conditions. Submerged ice can be deadly to board and body, and with wind chills reaching the teens and single digits, the reward is not always worth the risk. Last sunday a few guys got in a fun little session before a big snowstorm.

Spirits are still high. Last weekend a group of surfers got together at a bar on the lake. Some had never met others outside of email or quick encounters at the beach. It was awesome to see a good number of guys who share the same passion get together and talk about surfing. Everyone was stoked and totally determined. With different backgrounds, experience, age, and lives, these guys all connected in this seemingly waveless region.

We can only hope for a few days of 40 degree weather with lots of sunshine. Rochester in the winter does not really like to do that, but it would give us a good chance to catch waves or go for a paddle. We missed a good chance yesterday, with a pretty powerful northeast wind. It provides onshore winds that are sheltered inside by the large jetties. There was ice hundreds of feet into the lineup and beaches consisting mostly of frozen lake.