Rochester. 11.17.10

by Preconceived Noceans

Today really showed how quickly of an effect the wind can have on the lake. At about 10 am, it looked flat and glassy with no swell moving on the outside. The forecast was predicting waves, but showing no signs. I was on the way to talk with Aurelien, one of the surfers from Rochester I have been filming, at his home by the lake. While I was there, I could see the wind starting to pick up. After I left his house, I passed the lake again and saw little whitecaps and chop starting to form. It still showed no potential for waves. At about 2:3o, I got a call from Aurelien, who said a few guys were going out nearby Rochester to get a quick session before dark. I couldn’t believe there were waves because only a few hours ago the lake was so quiet. But when I got there, I was pretty surprised. The waves were far from perfect, but the guys were getting some fun rides while the water is still warm. It is truly amazing to see what the wind can stir up in a few hours. The ocean is so different, and I have never really seen it change size as quick as the lake can.

Above. James, close to covered at the Jetty